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Cancellation Policies

Please check the following information about fees for Azul's flights (flights with other airlines - partners, contact our call center):

  • If you need to cancel or change your international reservation it will be charged US$ 125.00 per passenger and per segment in the Economy class and US$ 175.00 per passenger and per segment on the Business Light, plus the difference of the fare.

  • The no-show fee is US$ 300.00 per person and US$ 150.00 for a refund request.
  • The cancellation fee costs US$ 125.00 for Economy and US$ 175.00 for Business Light per passenger and per segment.
  • In case of cancellation you have the option of requesting refund on the credit card and it will be charged US$ 150.00 per passenger. Or you can keep the credit in the company for using in a determined period (11 monthas and 29 days), 

There is no fee to upgrade class, it will be charged only the difference of the fare. For questions, please call us at: +1 844 499 2985 (toll free - from USA and Canada).


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  • What does the multi-leg option mean?

    When you purchase a multi-leg trip, you are in fact purchasing a sequence of trips. In other words, when you want to go to more than one destination without returning to the place you first departed from. For example: if you want to go from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro and then, after a few days, from Rio de Janeiro to Porto Alegre. You can purchase all these fares at the same time.

  • What is Date Flexibility?

    The option Date Flexibility is ideal for those who are planning a longer trip and who don’t need to go or return on a specific day. When you select this field, the site does an advanced search and finds more options for return flights, even indicating the combination with the best price.

  • Is there advanced purchase?

    No. You can purchase your Azul airfare however far in advance of the flight you want, according to availability on the website. The sooner you schedule and book your seat on the flight, the more peace-of-mind you will have that everything will be ready for your trip.

  • Why are airport buses included in the searches?

    For plan your trip even more effectively, the website also shows the times near each flight in which the Azul Airport Bus departs from the certified stops on its way to the Airport. This way, you can compare your flight options more effectively, choosing the one that is the most convenient from beginning to end.