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International Flights

Necessary information for your trip

Optional Services & Fees

Please check the following information about fees:

If you need to cancel or change your international reservation it will be charged US$ 100.00 per passenger and per segment in the Economy class and US$ 150.00 per passenger and per segment on the Business Light, plus the difference of the fare. The no-show fee is US$ 300.00 per person and US$ 150.00 for a refund request.

The cancellation fee costs US$ 100.00 for Economy and US$ 150.00 for Business Light per passenger and per segment. In case of cancellation you have the option of requesting refund on the credit card and it will be charged US$ 150.00 per passenger. Or you can keep the credit in the company for using in a determined period (11 months and 29 days)

Booking Fee:

What does it mean?
It's a service that provides exemption of the fees - change or cancellation - for 30 hours.
How much does it cost?
US$5,00 per passenger each way for domestic flights. 
US$20,00 per passenger each way for international flight.

Prepaid Baggage:

Now, on Azul´s international flights, you can buy up to 3 extra baggage per passenger, in addition to those already included in your free allowance. The service is charged per way and per person and must be purchased only via Azul website or call center. Using prepaid baggage you will save 50%.Check it out our prices:

1 extra baggage: US$ 75.00
2 extra baggage: US$ 150.00
3 extra baggage: US$ 225.00
It is important to emphasize that if you do not use the service, we do not refund those paid values.

Excess fees:

Overweight bags fee: US$ 150.00 per ba
Oversized bags fee: US$ 150.00 per bag
Additional bags fee: US$ 150.00 per bag
Important: bags exceeding 45 kilos (99.2 lbs) are not allowed.

Carry on luggage:

For non-checked baggage there are also rules on size and weight: the weight limit is 5 kilos (11 lbs) and the size should not exceed 115 cm (48.2 in.)

Special baggage:

Sport equipment can be transported and will be charged an additional fee of US$ 150.00.

Lap child

If one of the passengers in your reservation is a lap child (under two years of age), select the option "infant"  at the start of purchasing, before clicking on "search and purchase." Lap children fly for free, as long as they travel on the lap of a responsible adult.
See what the rules are for unaccompanied minors*:
A child under two years old can travel without his parents only in a presence of an adult. It is required a Court authorization or notarized authorization from the parents mentioning the responsible for the child. The authorization may be Judicial, Consular or similar authenticity.
If the child is accompanied by his parents or legal guardians or by another adult with proven kinship (ancestor or high affinity until third degree), the authorization will not be required.
Available on the online purchasing, Call Center and at the airport.

Unaccompanied minor

- Minor between 0 and 12 years old can’t travel alone. The presence of the parents or legal guardian is required;

- Minor between 12 and 18 years oldcan board unaccompanied only if carries a document of consenting from both parents (Consular, Judicial or similar authenticity). There is a fee of US$ 100. 

Senior citizens

Senior citizens who need assistance during the trip can enjoy Azul's priority service. To ensure faster customer service, select this option in the "Special Services" section, when entering your flight information. This procedure is not necessary for senior citizens who do not require assistance.
Our team can help you at any time.

Wheelchairs / Strollers

For passengers that rely on a wheelchair, Azul provides a unique service to ensure all necessary assistance. In such cases, simply inform one of our employees at check-in.
Additionally, we check your wheelchair free of charge strollers are also exempt from baggage charges.
Important: Azul does not transport batteries with corrosive liquids in its aircraft. Azul is authorized to transport lithium or gel based batteries, as is mandated by Article 48 of Ordinance 676 of the Civil Aviation Department.
- This option is available when purchasing tickets online, at the Azul Center or at the airport.

Seat Upgrade

Only through call center or airport.




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Questions? Click here.
  • What does the multi-leg option mean?

    When you purchase a multi-leg trip, you are in fact purchasing a sequence of trips. In other words, when you want to go to more than one destination without returning to the place you first departed from. For example: if you want to go from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro and then, after a few days, from Rio de Janeiro to Porto Alegre. You can purchase all these fares at the same time.

  • What is Date Flexibility?

    The option Date Flexibility is ideal for those who are planning a longer trip and who don’t need to go or return on a specific day. When you select this field, the site does an advanced search and finds more options for return flights, even indicating the combination with the best price.

  • Is there advanced purchase?

    No. You can purchase your Azul airfare however far in advance of the flight you want, according to availability on the website. The sooner you schedule and book your seat on the flight, the more peace-of-mind you will have that everything will be ready for your trip.

  • Why are airport buses included in the searches?

    For plan your trip even more effectively, the website also shows the times near each flight in which the Azul Airport Bus departs from the certified stops on its way to the Airport. This way, you can compare your flight options more effectively, choosing the one that is the most convenient from beginning to end.